Manage Macs

Robot Cloud automates the inventory of your Macs so you know exactly what you're managing! In addition, you'll get alerted to problem areas before they become critical.

Start with Inventory & Alerts. Upgrade to Policies for more advanced manual and automated management.

iOS Devices

Need greater insight and management into BYOD and company-owned iPads or iPhones?

Robot Cloud is a full-featured MDM server that enables IT admins to most effectively manage and support their iOS users.

Built for IT Pros

Robot Cloud is built and maintained exclusively for
IT Professionals.

MSPs, in-house IT and independent consultants around the world rely on Robot Cloud to effectively manage and support their Mac and iOS devices.

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Robot Cloud is the creation
of Forget Computers following years of experience directly supporting Apple products (since 1998).

We're continuously building enhancements.

Visit the Robot Cloud Operating Manual for more information.

Prices starting at $5/mo per device for Mac and iOS.